To what extent does social media contribute to the rise in eating disorders in America.

For the extend of this blog, all research and data collected will focus on examining the close relationship between the social media usage and the rise in Eating Disorders inside the United States. My argument is that the ideal body portrayed through social media has aided in the rise in eating disorders within America. Over the past few decades, eating disorders have become an increasing controversal problem with young women and now an issue branching to children under age 12. Therefore, American women up the age of 25 will be with whom my research paper matters. In doing so, I will conduct my  research to examine and answer some of the following questions:

Which social media sources play a vital role in contributing to eating disorders?–> Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Pro-anorexic website

How advice blogs can actually be harmful to readers?

What tools available to the public aid in portraying an ideal body image?–> Usage of photoshop, advertisements like diet ads al lover Facebook or pop ups or yahoo.

How cyber-bullying can be a major contribution?


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