The current article published back in 2012 provides concern over social media being a virus rapidly speeding amongst the world. WIth social media becoming viral, young women are exposed to media’s ideal body image within their own homes. With Thinspiration, a particular topic discussed in this article backed with words of expression from Meagan a 16 year old girl suffering with anorexia, young women are exposed to pro-anorexia and pro-bullimia information at the palm of their hands. It is nearly impossible to ignore these images and information, since they appear everywhere and social media is the large stepping stone for eating disorders to reach the mass majority. Dr. Margo Maine, founder of the Nation Eating Disorders Association, voices her concerns about social media’s impact on young women’s lives and the increase in the development of eating disorders. As Meagan has stated, eating disorders today are greatly due to the competition to became skinny, who can be the skinniest and who can do it best? Social media has produced a new society where all young women are obsessed with the idea of being skinny.

This article is of great usage for my research paper, it’s argument of concern backs up my argument and provides thoughts from both a young girl with first hand experience with suffering from this disorder and a doctor specializing in the field of study. Thinspiration and pro-anorexia/ pro-bullima site will be discussed in great detail within my research paper.

“Impact of Social Media on Eating Disorders.” WCSHPortland. A Gannett Company. June 11, 2012. Viewed: February 25, 2012.


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