According to a staff reporter for Nature World News, social media forces young women to adopt unhealthy eating habits, leading to eating disorders as a result. These unhealthy eating habits are a response to popular trends appearing all over social media. One such Fad that has been trending for a while now is the thigh gap. The thigh gap is literally an impossible weight loss goal many young women have to become thin. Apparently, the wider the thigh gap between one’s two thigh, the sexier one is. What make this goal so impossible is that everyone’s body types are unique and structured differently. Most majority of people, no matter how much weight is lost may never physical be capable of developing a thigh gap. Therefore, one may continue to loss weight with hope and are self-driven to achieve a thigh gap. With so much motivation, one can take wight loss to an extreme unhealthy level. Social media site just aid in this self-motivation. When young women see other women, especially super-thin models with this thigh gap, the pressure is added and their motivation is only fueled more. What these young women are unaware of is the fact that many of these images in front of them are not real. Advertisement companies and other social media companies manipulate the real photo to an extreme. No one is actually that perfect and the only way to help decrease the development of these eating disorder trends is to educate young minds on these aspects, providing awareness for what one see verses the reality of the situation. This article also points out the 2011 study done at the University of Haifa, also mentioned in a blog discussing a previous article. Because social trends are a large part of social media and what a majority of young people seem most interested in, discussing this thigh gap trend within my research paper is important. The article provides an excellent argument for the promotion of eating disorders through social media sites and will furthermore help to promote my same argument.

Staff Reporter. “Social Networking Sites Promoting Eating Disorders.” Nature World News. Oct 05, 2013. Viewed: Feb 19, 2013


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