This article provides outstanding research from scientists at Harvard Medical School. The focus of their research was based on the impact of western social networking on body image among school girls in Fiji. It was determined that those Fijian girls exposed to television were 60% more likely to express abnormal eating habits when compared to those girls without this type of exposure. This just shows how strongly social networking can influence adolescent minds and how rapidly these negative influences can spread. While the article does not pertain specifically to America, it does pertain to the entire western culture as a whole. What is so magnificent about this article is its influence on even a small remote country. The information spread throughout a western society, like America, does not just affect the people of that cultural society, but those surrounding it as well. After renewing the article, it has been brought to my attention to consider the effects of western society as a whole, not just America. Also, I would like to include information about on these influences are spreading like a disease to other surrounding areas throughout the world.

Park, Alice. “How social networks spread eating disorders.” Times Health & Family. January 07, 2011. Accessed: March 2, 2014.


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