Social media is being blamed for increasing numbers of teens suffering from eating disorders. Numerous social networking sources such as American pop culture contribute to this rise. During adolescent years, people are at the greatest risk for developing an eating disorder. This is due to the importance of social pressure and physical  appearance are at it’s highest levels. Recent studies  have found sites such as Facebook, prove to have an influence on girls’ thoughts on body image. A study at American University in Washington D.C. asked 103 adolescent girls to complete a series of surveys about Facebook usage and body image throughout the course of a week. The study concluded that adolescent girls who spent more of their time participating in goto-related activities were unsatisfied with their current weight, desiring to use unhealthy ways of achieving the goal of an ideally thin body image. Therefore, it can be said that social media, especially on Facebook and other sites where photos and body image are highlighted can produce negative thoughts in adolescent minds of not just girls but boys too. All adolescents are under an insane amount of pressure to look their best, to appear attractive and follow up on the latest ideals, allowing them to fall under the pressures of social media, culture and the unhealthy ideals. This article has discussed several reasons why social media can be to blame for the increase in eating  disorders among teenagers. The study provided to back up the argument can be used to help back up my similar argument. Social media has numerous influences on adolescents and these influence play vital role in the rise of eating disorders in our technologically advanced society that we live in. Everything now a days is done through social media and social networking is where most communication occurs. With this increased interaction online, inspiration for the start of eating disorders is bond to happen.

Charles, Megan. “Social Media to Blame for increase in eating disorders among teens (study).” Business 2 Community. January 27, 2014. Accessed: February 28, 2014 


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