The main focus of my research paper is based on the impact of social media on eating disorders, leading to reasons on why social media causes eating disorders to develop in America. Most of my research so far has been on just that; articles and experiments proving the argument. Since social media has this large of an impact, than how many people are actually using these popular sites? Therefore, this article displays a list of 415 popular social networking sites and tools utilized by the public. Through this data, I was able to recover that over 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion users on YouTube, 243 million active users on Twitter, 150 million on instagram, 70 million users on pinterest and 108.9 blogs on tumblr. These numbers are ridiculously large, concluding that our lives have never been more intertwined with technology. It is everywhere and is used by just about everyone. Social media is like it’s own alternate universe with it’s information spreading like a virus through our universe. I think that the information discovered in this article can be used as an attention grabber to my introduction. It is a piece of interesting information, a set of random facts that could really get the readers attention make them curious as to what other facts this paper may offer that the reader was previously unaware of.

Smith, Craig. “How many people use 415 of the top social media, apps & tools?” Digital Mariketing Ramblings…Thelatest digital marketing stats, tips trends and technology. March 9, 2014 Accessed: February 15, 2014.


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