Status Update: Maladaptive Facebook Usage Predicts Increases In Body Dissatisfaction And Bulimic Symptoms

The study expressed in this journal article examined the effects of online social evaluations and comparisons on body dissatisfaction and bulimic  symptoms. Over about a 4 week period, 232 college women used by researchers to look at the effects of maladaptive Facebook usage on body dissatisfaction and bulimic symptoms. The participants were asked to take part in a two-part study. These women were asked to fill out questionnaires at two separate times: Time 1 and Time 2. The occasion between the first questionnaire and the second was separated by 2-4 weeks. According to the results, it was found that maladaptive Facebook usage showed significant predictions of increased bulimic symptoms and episodes of over-eating about 4 weeks later. The relationship between maladaptive Facebook usage and disordered eating was found to be caused by body dissatisfaction. Furthermore, by reducing maladaptive Facebook usage, it may help t reducing body dissatisfactions and disordered eating.

This journal article will be helpful in providing scientific research to back up my argument. It provides a study on maladaptive Facebook usage and its significant correlation to bulimic symptoms. Facebook is one of the major social media websites that my paper focuses on. Therefore, this journal enhances the argument I am trying to make towards my audience.

Hames, Joiner Jr. and SMith. “Status Update: MAladaptive Facebook usage predicts increases in body dissatisfaction and bulimic symptoms.” Journal of Affective Disorders. Volume 149, Issues 1-3, July 2013, Pages 235-240. Accessed May 1.


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