Final Reflection

Writing in general has never been a strong suit for me. Ever since I could remember, I have always seemed to struggle when it came to reading and writing. As a result, over the years I have worked diligently and tried to the highest degree to improve my writing skills and become a decent writer. Due to my past experiences, I entered into this class with a few negative thoughts and a couple of low expectations for the class. I desired nothing more than to pass this class and earn the credit to cover my course requirement for Syracuse University. After sitting in this class for the entire semester, my mindset has been altered.

For once, I seem to have received a professor for whom I actually like for a number of reasons. Firstly, going to class isn’t a pain, but is rather enjoyable. There is a lot of positive energy in the classroom and discussions are relaxed and open to everyone’s thoughts. Secondly, I understand the course topic and find the topics of class discussion interesting and relatable. The readings have been interesting and worthy of a class discussion, with an exception to a few. Thirdly, class time is used efficiently and based around the topic. Drifting off topic has occurred occasionally, but not like previous classes I’ve taken have. I appreciate that I have felt confident in getting my money’s worth out of taking this class.

For further semester suggestions to improve your teachings, I would recommend to attempt to provide short readings rather than long readings. Not to minimize the work or effort, but I find that shorter readings grab my attention more and I am more inclined to be focused on what the reading is about and what I should get out of it. When the reading start to get lengthy I notice that the attention and focus drifts away from the article near the middle and I find myself skimming to finish due to lost focus. Also, longer reading if someone is not interested in the topic can become busy work, which is not the purpose or intention of the assignment. Another change could be and I have experienced this in other classes, is if we could allow some class time to work on parts of our research papers to either do some research. Even if it is just for one class, it could be helpful to some students and especially since it allows them the chance to ask the professor current questions and get an immediate response. Other than these brief concerns, this class has been a pleasure to be a part of.

As far as research goes, my topic is eating disorders. I chose eating disorders for my research paper because it has impacted the lives of people around me, including one of my sisters in Delta Phi Epsilon. Back in February, our sorority participated in ANAD week, providing the campus with increased awareness of eating disorders and ending with a vigil. Since the topic is so near to my heart, researching and finding tons of information to back up my argument provides me with confidence to prove my argument right. With the technological generation we’re in, social media’s influence on eating disorders needs to be brought to people’s attention. Everything has falling into place and I am glad to utilize my research to provide awareness to adolescent women.


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